There's no doubting that regular golf coaching is the best way to improve your game. This is why we have developed our popular lesson packages - so that you can enjoy better golf whilst saving some money at the same time. If you want to play your best and see that handicap come tumbling down this year, take a look at our lesson packages below.

1 Month Studio Pass
1 Month Studio Pass

£ 49.95

The 1 Month Studio Pass allows you to take advantage of our State of  the Art Indoor Golf Studio

The 1 Month Studio package gives you 4 hours studio time that can be spilt into 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.
The 4 hours MUST be used within 4 weeks of your first session.

You will be able to book the studio through the App or direct with the Pro shop.

Studio Features
* Driving range mode - Work on hitting balls with each of your clubs.
* Gapping Sessions - Identify how far each of your clubs go.
* Short Game - SkyTrak software allows you to dial in your short game skills
* Play Golf - SkyTrak offers you the opportunity to play 1000's of the worlds best courses
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